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Parent Groups Overview

Parent Groups

Verdugo Woodlands has a very involved parent community. Parents are welcome to volunteer in their children’s classrooms. Every classroom has a parent representative that coordinates the individual classroom parent volunteer schedule. Parents participate in field trips as chaperones to help support the teachers and ensure student safety. 


Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an active group of parent volunteers that meet monthly under the direction of the PTA president. Throughout the year, different sub-committees of our PTA meet to plan special activities for our school community, including our Fall Festival, the Howdy Coffee for new parents, Arts and Technology programs, Daughter’s Dance, Boys’ Night Out, Sixth-Grade Activities, and an annual fundraising event geared to support VW's visual and performing arts.


Dad’s Club

Verdugo Woodlands also has an active Dads' Club, (home of the infamous Fathers' Follies) that houses many VW events, including before and after school events and in-school enrichment activities, including orchestra and K-2 Music.


WAVE  Foundation

Verdugo Woodlands is also fortunate to have an active foundation, Woodlanders Are Volunteers for Education (WAVE), that is guided by the leadership of parent volunteers. WAVE raises funds for additional support staff, including our librarian, technology assistant, and care counselor. WAVE has also raised funds to purchase additional playground equipment, a sun-shade canopy for the playground, indoor and outdoor furniture, supplemental student intervention support resources, and new computers and technology equipment for classrooms and our computer lab. 


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